YU’s Center for the Jewish Future Introduces Beit Midrash Summer Program for Women at Lincoln Square Synagogue

Yeshiva University, through its Center for the Jewish Future (CJF), will introduce a Torah learning program at Lincoln Square Synagogue this summer for women of all ages who want to pursue advanced Talmud and Judaic study. The Women’s Beit Midrash Fellows Program, which takes place July 6-29, affirms the University’s status as a pioneer in developing Orthodox Jewish women as scholars, teachers and community leaders.

Yeshiva University Dedicates Beit Midrash in Israel to Memory of Rabbi Israel Miller During Second Israel Colloquium

The Yeshiva University (YU) Israel Beit Midrash (study hall) was dedicated as a living memorial to the late Rabbi Israel Miller, formerly of the Bronx, as part of the Second Yeshiva University Colloquium in Israel. Rabbi Israel Miller guided the founding of YU’s Israel Campus in Bayit Vegan, Jerusalem, and established the Gruss Institute for advanced rabbinical study. He devoted 60 years of his life to YU first as a student and then as an administrator.

Memory of Rabbi Israel Miller, Who Helped Establish YU Presence in Israel, Lives on as Beit Midrash is Named in His Honor

In an interview with Time magazine, Rabbi Israel Miller, senior vice president of Yeshiva University who devoted his life to the Jewish people and the State of Israel, was asked about the dual loyalty of the Jewish community in America. “Is Judaism a noun or an adjective? Are you American Jews or Jewish Americans?” came the question. Rabbi Miller responded: “Judaism is neither a noun nor an adjective. Judaism is a verb. A Jew acts, a Jew behaves, a Jew thinks, a Jew speaks, all in consonance with the will of God, in consonance with his mitzvot [commandments].”

Construction Over the Summer Includes New Beit Midrash and Dorm at Stern, Science Labs and New Offices on Wilf Campus

After a summer of hammering and drilling, building, painting, and carpeting, Yeshiva University’s undergraduate and graduate campuses now boast many new high-quality facilities. The Office of Planning, Design and Construction oversaw the renovation and construction of about 40 projects, some of which will continue into the fall semester, said Jeffrey Rosengarten, vice president for administrative services.

Women of All Ages Will Be Able to Study in Teaneck Beit Midrash Summer Program

Yeshiva University’s Center for the Jewish Future will sponsor the Teaneck Beit Midrash Summer Program for Women, the first program of its kind at Yeshiva University designed to provide women of all ages with the knowledge and tools to become both Judaic scholars and role models for the Orthodox community. The program will take place at Maayanot Yeshiva High School for Girls from July 2-26.