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The Evolution of The U.S.-Israel Relationship

Former Ambassador Dennis Ross to Speak at Annual Robbins-Wilf Lecture on April 19 Despite rising tensions on both sides, President Barack Obama has described the connection as “an unbreakable alliance.” Yet, since the birth of the Jewish state, relations between the United States and Israel have seen periods of close collaboration as well as great

Broken Politics, Dysfunctional Relationships

At Robbins-Wilf Lecture, Bob Woodward Offers Behind-the-Scenes Perspective on Obama-era Washington As public approval ratings for Congress and the Obama administration plummeted to record lows in the wake of the recent government shutdown, veteran investigative reporter Bob Woodward shared his theory about where it all went wrong at a lecture under the auspices of Yeshiva

The Consequences of Toppling Tyrants

Foreign Relations Experts Discuss Revolutions in Middle East and the Implications for American Policy at Robbins-Wilf Lecture As collapsing Middle East governments and unease about United States involvement in Libya dominated news headlines, Bloomberg View Executive Editor and former Assistant Secretary of State James P. Rubin and New York Times Chief Washington Correspondent David E.

Who's On Furst? – March 31

Tune into YU’s Weekly Internet Radio Show, Thursdays at 2PM And the walls come tumblin’ down… This week on “Who’s on Furst?” (Thursdays at 2 PM EST on www.nachumsegal.com and www.yu.edu/radio): Is it really ‘Springtime in the Middle East’ or are we having higher hopes than should be expected?  And is this all ‘good’? Live