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Bar-Ilan University Recognizes YU Chancellor Norman Lamm’s Leadership with Honorary Degree

Dr. Norman Lamm, chancellor of Yeshiva University and former president for 27 years, will receive an honorary doctorate from Bar-Ilan University in Israel on May 12 in recognition of his dynamic communal and spiritual leadership of Modern Orthodox Jewry in the United States. A distinguished rabbi, philosopher, teacher and author, Lamm will receive the degree at Bar-Ilan’s 54th Board of Trustees Meeting.

Yeshiva University Pays Tribute to Chancellor Norman Lamm With Lamm Heritage

Yeshiva University (YU) has established the Lamm Heritage in celebration of the 80th birthday of its chancellor, Dr. Norman Lamm. The Heritage will honor Chancellor Lamm’s almost 60 years of exceptional scholarly, spiritual, and leadership contributions to the university and world Jewish community. The Lamm Heritage consists of four initiatives; the Lamm Heritage Web site, the Norman Lamm Prize, Yad Lamm, and an endowment to the Rabbi Norman Lamm Kollel L’Hora’ah (Yadin Yadin).

Chancellor Norman Lamm Pays Tribute to Av Beth Din of the Chicago Rabbinical Council

Considered one of the most distinguished poskim (halakhic decisors) of our time, HaRav Gedalia Dov Schwartz, the Av Beth Din of the Chicago Rabbinical Council (CRC) and a graduate of Yeshiva College and the Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary (RIETS), was honored for his 20 years of service to the CRC and to the Chicago Jewish community during a national dinner on Oct. 28. Dr. Norman Lamm, Yeshiva University chancellor, was the keynote speaker.