Cholent Champs Crowned

Yeshiva University Students Square Off at Annual Cholent Cook-Off Hundreds of students, faculty and staff filled Yeshiva University’s Weissberg Commons on April 7 for the 2011 Cholent Cook-Off. The annual event consisted of 16 teams comprising 64 students going head to head to earn bragging rights for the tastiest and most original version of this quintessential […]

Battle of the Beans

Students Face Off on April 7 to Determine Best Cholent Dish at Annual Cook-Off Yeshiva University students will hold a “Cholent Cook-off” to determine who makes the tastiest and most original of the quintessential Shabbat dish on YU’s Wilf Campus in Weissberg Commons, 2495 Amsterdam Ave. (at 184th St.) on Thursday, April 7 at 2:45 […]

Yeshiva University Students Spice Up Cholent Cook-off

A strange aroma filled the Washington Heights air as hundreds of students, faculty and curious visitors filed into Yeshiva University’s Weissberg Commons on March 11 for the 2010 Cholent Cook-Off. Sixteen teams made up of 64 students from the men’s undergraduate schools, Yeshiva College and Sy Syms School of Business, went head-to-head in a culinary battle to proclaim a true Cholent Champion.

Yeshiva University Students get to the Meat and Potatoes at Cholent Cook-off on March 11

Cholent, for hundreds of years the traditional Sabbath-day meal for observant Jews in many countries, is a food for which there is no standard recipe; its ingredients are as diverse as the places where Jews have lived. A slow-cooked stew containing meat, vegetables, potatoes, beans and spices, it is one of the quintessential Jewish comfort foods and a dish that many look forward to from Sabbath to Sabbath.