A New Perspective on Bullying

Wurzweiler Gains Exclusive Screening Rights to ‘Bullycam’; Will Incorporate Film Into Curriculum In an effort to better educate its students about the dangers of bullying, and how to fight them, Yeshiva University’s Wurzweiler School of Social Work has gained the exclusive screening rights to “Bullycam: The Video Diary of Kelly Wilson“, a film depicting the relentless bullying […]

YC Curriculum Changes

New Yeshiva College Curriculum Highlights Interdisciplinary Courses Yeshiva College is unveiling a new core curriculum to take effect in the Fall 2012 semester, featuring a wide range of interdisciplinary courses, more advanced classes within individual majors, and greater freedom for students to craft an education that complements their interests and aspirations and maximizes their opportunities […]

Yeshiva College Overhauls Curriculum

Students entering Yeshiva College in September will benefit from an exciting new curriculum that is six years in the making. Yeshiva College’s course offerings have changed and evolved over the years, of course, but this new educational program marks Yeshiva College’s first complete curriculum overhaul since 1928. Naturally, incoming students have questions. Most of the […]