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The Role of Dynamics in Number Theory

The Role of Dynamics in Number Theory

Yeshiva University Hosts Lecture by Renowned Mathematician Dr. Hillel Furstenberg On March 30, the Department of Mathematical Sciences hosted Dr. Hillel Furstenberg ’51YUHS ’55YC of Hebrew University  for a discussion titled, “The Role of Dynamics in Number Theory.” Furstenberg, a highly distinguished American-Israeli mathematician, is a member of the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities and the United

Yeshiva College Alumnus Dr. Hillel Furstenberg Wins Israel’s Wolf Prize

Dr. Hillel Furstenberg, a graduate of YU High School for Boys and Yeshiva College, was recently announced as one of the winners of Israel’s Wolf Prize. The award was granted in recognition of the leading mathematician’s “profound contributions to ergodic theory, probability, topological dynamics, analysis on symmetric spaces and homogenous flows.”