Yeshiva University, Noting Impact of Economic Crisis on Families, Announces No Increase in Tuition, While Boosting Scholarships

Expressing sensitivity to the growing challenges presented by the current economic downturn both institutionally and to families of its current and prospective students, Yeshiva University announced today that it will not raise tuition at the undergraduate level for the 2009-2010 academic year. Moreover, YU will increase the amount of scholarship support it awards annually.

Families Flock to YU Museum for Colorful Display of Puppets From All Over the World

Puppet troupes representing the folk culture of China, Greece, and the Czech Republic delighted the overflow audience at Yeshiva University Museum’s second annual Family Puppet Festival on June 22. Their colorful displays told enchanting tales of a hero fighting a tiger with bare hands, a shepherd outwitting the devil, and a poor, lazy, charismatic villager who connives his way into becoming a teacher.

YU Israel Campus Hosts Alumni and Families from Northern Israel Seeking Shelter From Rockets

With the current barrage of Hezbollah rockets falling in northern Israel, Yeshiva University’s Israel campus in Jerusalem has opened its doors to people living in the north seeking refuge. The YU Israel (YUI) apartments, dormitories, and facilities are being offered to alumni and their families as well as others, including groups of students and children who are in need of relocation at this critical time. The majority of those seeking temporary relocation come from Safed and Haifa.

David Pelcovitz, PhD, Trains Teachers and Rabbis to Help Families in Crisis

David Pelcovitz’s fascination with the complexities of parenting, adolescent development, and other child-related issues underscores a passion for making lives whole, especially in times of crisis and trauma. Joining Yeshiva University this fall as professor of education and psychology at the Azrieli Graduate School of Jewish Education and Administration, Dr. Pelcovitz looks forward to using “teaching” and “discovery” to improve the quality of life for people in distress.