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Mendes' (center) new course guides students through a journey of self-exploration.

Mirrors in Their Hearts

In Art Seminar Led by Sebastian Mendes, Students Reflect on Personal Experience In contemporary artist Sebastian Mendes’s exhibition at the Yeshiva University Museum, line drawings shaped from hurried signatures and hollowed-out loaves of bread stuffed with names evoke the heroic story of his grandfather, a consul general who signed thousands of life-saving visas during the

Premier Canadian Expressionist on Display

Sam Borenstein’s Bold Brushwork Brings The Colors of Montreal to Vivid Life at the Yeshiva University Museum Winter-weary New Yorkers will get a much-needed reprieve from relentless grey vistas with an exhibition of vividly-hued paintings by a 20th-century Canadian expressionist artist, Sam Borenstein and the Colors of Montreal. From now until May 8, the Yeshiva