Mindy Sojcher, vice president of SHEM

Preserving the Past

Student-Organized Holocaust Education Symposium Teaches How to Keep Survivors’ Stories Alive Featuring speakers who ranged in expertise from renowned psychologist David Pelcovitz, The Gwendolyn and Joseph Straus Professor of Psychology and Jewish Education at Azrieli to Yeshiva University Museum artist-in-residence Sebastian Mendes, YU’s Student Holocaust Education Movement (SHEM) brought scholars, survivors and students together for […]

Rabbi Willig

A Taste of Torah U'madda

Yeshiva University Hosts Thought Provoking Banquets for Students in S. Daniel Abraham Israel Program More than 130 young men and 85 women from yeshivot and seminaries across Israel attended the Yeshiva University Scholars Banquets presented by the S. Daniel Abraham Israel Program. The banquets were open to students in Israel who have applied for the Honors […]