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Rabbis and Classical Rhetoric

Rabbis and Classical Rhetoric

Richard Hidary’s New Book Examines Influence of the Art of Persuasion on Talmudic Scholars Rabbis and Classical Rhetoric: Sophistic Education and Oratory in the Talmud and Midrash, by Dr. Richard Hidary, associate professor of Jewish history, is coming out this month from Cambridge University Press. Intended as both a class textbook and for general readers interested

The YU Shield

Celebrating a Rich Heritage

At Limmud NY, YU Faculty, Students and Alumni Share Jewish Learning and Culture Whether they were discussing societal rifts in Second Temple Jewry, analyzing iconic Biblical moments from new angles or charting the surprising journey of American Jews through film, Yeshiva University faculty, students and alumni led the conversation at this year’s Limmud NY conference. The

Studying the Scrolls

Leading Scholars Present their Work at YU’s Inaugural Dead Sea Scrolls Conference Yeshiva University hosted its first annual Dead Sea Scrolls Seminar at the Wilf Campus on Sunday, May 19, showcasing the work of four Dead Sea Scrolls scholars from YU and beyond. “The Dead Sea Scrolls is one of those things that people hear