Bostoner Rebbe Visits Seforim Sale

Rabbi Meir Alter Horowitz, the Bostoner Rebbe of Jerusalem, stopped by Yeshiva University’s Seforim Sale on Monday, February 21. Rabbi Horowitz spoke to the students, signed copies of his sefer, Pirush HaMeir (which offers commentary on the Rambam’s Mishna Torah), and offered Seforim Sale goers brachos and words of inspiration. [flickrslideshow acct_name=”yeshivauniversity” id=”72157626128638894″]

Seforim Sale

More than Just a Book Sale

Yeshiva Fair Is a Bastion for Jewish Books of the Printed Variety Those who mourn the metamorphosis of books made of paper into digital versions for e-readers can find some solace by taking a trip to Washington Heights in Manhattan. There, in a cavernous hall on its campus, Yeshiva University is holding its annual Seforim Sale […]

Seforim Sale

People of the Book Sale

Students Present Annual Seforim Sale, North America’s Largest Jewish Book Sale, Feb. 6-27 The students of Yeshiva University will hold their annual Seforim Sale, North America’s largest Jewish book sale, from February 6 to 27 in Belfer Hall, 2495 Amsterdam Ave on YU’s Wilf Campus in Manhattan. Last year the acclaimed Judaica book sale drew more […]

Yeshiva University Students To Hold Annual Seforim Sale North America’s largest Jewish book sale to run from February 1 to 22

Yeshiva University’s (YU) will hold its annual SOY (Student Organization of Yeshiva) Seforim Sale from February 1 to 22 on YU’s Wilf Campus in Manhattan, Belfer Hall, 2495 Amsterdam Avenue. Last year the acclaimed Judaica book sale drew more than 15,000 people from the tri-state area. Students, educators, and parents flock to the sale to take advantage of discounted prices on the latest of more than 10,000 titles in rabbinic and academic literature, as well as cookbooks, children’s books, musical recordings, and educational software.

YU Professor Rabbi Benjamin Blech to Highlight Annual Seforim Sale

Rabbi Benjamin Blech will share highlights from two of his best-selling books at a lecture kicking off YU’s annual Student Organization of Yeshiva (SOY) Seforim Sale. He will focus on selections from Taking Stock: A Spiritual Guide to Rising Above Life’s Financial Ups and Downs, which was recently reviewed by The New York Times, and If God is Good Then Why is the World So Bad?