The Gene Scene

Yeshiva University Program for Jewish Genetic Health Launches Blog

How is the field of genetics going to change the world of medicine? What kinds of situations do genetic counselors face on a daily basis? What kinds of ethical concerns should be taken into consideration before exploring the “slippery slope” of genetic engineering? What is halakhically permissible under Jewish law?

These are just a few of the questions that will be answered in The Gene Scenea new blog from The Program for Jewish Genetic Health, a joint initiative between Yeshiva University and the Albert Einstein College of Medicine.

Genetic counselors and program directors will share stories, patient scenarios and perspectives from the field of genetics, as well as interesting questions that have been posed by patients and rabbis. Visit The Gene Scene

The Program for Jewish Genetic Health uniquely integrates Jewish communal responsibility, genetic education and biomedical advances through its relationship with Einstein and its affiliates. At its core are three main objectives—to provide accessible and affordable options for carrier testing for Jewish genetic diseases; to increase awareness and disseminate timely information regarding genetic health to lay and professional sectors of the Jewish community; and to establish a centralized resource and support center for Jewish genetic health and associated concerns. Learn more at

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