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ISSUE 12 • May 3, 2021

Note from the Executive Director

What is one sign that you are doing well at your internship? When people start speaking to you as an employee, and not as a summer time-limited intern.

I always tell students, “Perform in the role you want, in addition to the one you have. Be the intern and the entry-level employee at the same time.” You may be perfectly happy just being the summer intern, yet make it a goal to be asked, “What are we going to do without you?” when the end of the summer comes.

Employers do not like having to always recruit, onboard, train and hopefully retain their employees as it not only takes time, it is also a monetary investment. You want to be in a position where you have already “been there and done that” as it pertains to the onboarding and acclimating to the company’s culture that you will need to do, so that it is visible to everyone that you are already part of the team.

Be friends with the interns who are killing it at the workplace—the ones with grit—like you. People can be judged by the company they keep, and you want to befriend the other high-performing interns. Who knows, you all may be a part of the same team after graduation!

At the onset, always work towards getting an offer, even if you decide over the course of the summer that the company is not a place you wish to work. Being able to tell future employers that you were extended an offer is invaluable and ultimately it is always your decision as to whether or not you stay.

Jim MacWhorter, one of our assistant directors working with students on their career strategies in the Shevet Glaubach Center, offers some noteworthy advice in this issue of the Graduate Professional.

Good luck this summer, and let me know when you get the offer.


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Professional Point of View


Internships are an opportunity to develop and improve skills, learn about a career field or industry, make connections, and build your resume. Being a successful intern depends not only on your skills and performance but also on your personality and professionalism. An internship that has the possibility to result in a full-time job offer should be thought of as an extension of the interview process.

There are many different aspects of making the most of your internship; I have highlighted two to help keep your career moving forward.

Open Communication

It is always a good idea to meet with your supervisor at the beginning of the internship to find out what their expectations are for you. What are you expected to accomplish every day? Every week? Make sure to request feedback from your supervisor to make sure you are on the right track. What are you doing well? What could you be doing differently? What could you do better? Are you meeting the goals of the organization?

By asking these questions, you’ll make it easy for them to give you input that will help you grow. Once you have received feedback, try to embed these new behaviors immediately so that your manager is able to see that you are open to feedback and willing to better yourself.

In addition, keep in mind what your own goals are for your internship and what you would like to learn. Discuss your interests with your supervisor and ask if there are opportunities to get involved in those areas. Also include in your discussion if you know you are interested in meeting with certain people in the organization.

Building Connections

Introduce yourself to everyone in your department. Try to have contact with each person and get a sense of what they do. You never know when someone else in the company is doing something that might interest you later down the line.

You may not want to work for your company past long term, but you will definitely want to get a recommendation from them. The better job you do and the more familiar your supervisor and other employees are with your personality and your work, the stronger the recommendation.

While interning, you have many people around you who you could meet for informational interviews: 15- to 20-minute chats during which you ask a person about their day-to-day work and solicit advice about your next steps and/or gain insight about their career path. The goal is not to land a job but rather to learn about a type of work and forge a genuine connection.

Also be on the lookout for career mentors who can give you advice, write recommendations, and help you make important connections. If you have a coworker who knows his or her way around, ask how he or she ended up where they are and what advice/insight they can share. These conversations are the start of a mentor-type relationship, which can be a powerful force throughout your career.

Jim MacWhorter
Assistant Director

Three Actions to Advance Your Career

  1. Commit to planning ahead and calendaring regular slots this summer to get a headstart on the next steps in achieving a meaningful and impactful career. Whether it’s 45 minutes a week to work on your interviewing skills, 20 minutes twice a week to develop your network and/or 15 minutes to enhance a valuable skill such as Excel, Tableau or Spanish.
  2. Want to nail your next interview? Big Interview modules and practice features are exceptional tools helping students like you practice and build confidence.
  3. Take your résumé to the next level. Or perhaps you don’t yet have one. Don’t wait till the fall begins and hundreds of other students look for support in upgrading their résumés. Our advisers are here for you all summer. Ask us about a free Jobscan subscription to help you beat ATS systems and identify areas you can enhance.


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These can be accessed through the YU Career Link: YUCL


  • Real Estate Intern, Alpha Partners Group, YUCL Job ID: 33907 • Deadline: 5/10
  • Collegiate Mentoring Program (In-Person), Trinitas Regional Medical Center • YUCL Job ID: 44907 • Deadline: 5/17
  • Actuarial Intern, Transatlantic Reinsurance Company • YUCL Job ID: 41489 • Deadline: 5/21
  • Intern – Executive Assistant to CEO/Founder, 1Konnection • YUCL Job ID: 41491 • Deadline: 5/21
  • Creative Marketing & Social Media Manager Intern, Talty Bar • YUCL Job ID: 44169 • Deadline: 5/25

Entry-Level Jobs

  • Assistant Project Coordinator, ONE70Group • YUCL Job ID: 40144 • Deadline: 5/21
  • Mortgage Advisor, Ark Mortgage • YUCL Job ID: 41496 • Deadline: 5/21
  • Account Executive / Recruiter, Fairway Consulting Group • YUCL Job ID: 41747 • Deadline: 5/26
  • Reimbursement Analyst, Centers Health Care • YUCL Job ID: 41907 • Deadline: 5/29
  • Administrative Assistant, Rockland Psychiatric Center • YUCL Job ID: 43875 • Deadline: 6/1

Early- to Mid-Career Jobs

  • Registered Nurse, OHEL Children’s Home and Family Services • YUCL Job ID: 40911 • Deadline: 5/12
  • Judaic Studies Teacher, Magen David Yeshivah • YUCL Job ID: 44550 • Deadline: 5/13
  • Tax Stadd / Senior Accountant, Acadia Family Office • YUCL Job ID: 41375 • Deadline: 5/19
  • Head of School, Politz Day School • YUCL Job ID: 41492 • Deadline: 5/21
  • Chemistry Teacher, SAR High School • YUCL Job ID: 42700 • Deadline: 5/28

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