The Katz School and Sy Syms Co-celebrate Their 2021 Commencements

Commencement placard for the 2021 Sy Sym/Katz School co-celebration


On Thursday, June 10, 2021, the Katz School of Science and Health and the graduate programs of Sy Syms School of Business held a dual virtual ceremony to honor their graduates.

Dr. Paul Russo, dean of the Katz School and vice provost, complimented the graduates as “values-driven practitioners, honest, generous and kind with the integrity that ensures your actions will follow your commitments. All of you are changemakers who are building tomorrow today.” He announced the granting of 103 master’s degrees and one doctorate (the sixth that has been granted by the Katz School).

In his message to the graduates, Dr. Russo emphasized how the University “is charting the future around four pillars: STEM, innovation and entrepreneurship, all in service of producing values-driven leaders who are prepared for great jobs and impactful careers…[and who] will contribute to this future by helping to make the world smarter, safer and healthier.”

Dr. Noam Wasserman, dean of Sy Syms, also praised the graduates for having “made it to the finish line, and your week-in, week-out dedication to building your futures and to doing your best work has enabled you to build your foundations for the next decades of your lives….Congratulations on your achievements and best of luck with all of your next steps.”

Rabbi Dr. Ari Berman, President of Yeshiva University, noted how “your years here have enabled you to explore and develop who you are and who you were meant to be, and at Yeshiva University, we aim to inspire you to bring your gifts into the world to change the world, to move it forward for the betterment of your community and all of humanity….I have no doubt that you will channel all of the values and lessons that you internalized this year to, in turn, work to change the world.”

Graduates Omar Hussein, Naim Glloxhani, Emily Minkow, Michal Kohan, Avi Straus and Grant Hilsenrath, along with nine faculty members, added their warm wishes and congratulations to the class of 2021.

Hilsenrath, who earned his MBA, summed up the sentiments of the day when he said, “To the graduating class, I wish you all the best success, good health and happiness. Practice gratitude because it makes all the difference. To the faculty, staff and administration that worked tirelessly to give us the best experience possible, thank you for all that you’ve done….We are truly grateful.”