The YU Career Strategist: June 1, 2021

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ISSUE 26 • June 1, 2021

Note from the Executive Director

The students featured in this issue of the Career Strategist are dear to our hearts, and if we had space, we would have featured each of you. You are all special to us. We have weathered these past 14 months together, and you each provided hope and purpose to our entire YU community. You demonstrated what commitment truly means, and we wish you nothing but happiness, peace, good health and success. We are sad to see you leave, yet so excited for your tomorrow.

All our students deserve recognition. You have all done such good work these past few years, and it extends far beyond the classroom. You have solved problems, driven change and created solutions, all while having an arm to put around another whenever needed.

In the Shevet Glaubach Center, we have had the privilege of advising many of you for the past few years. You are memorable—you will make an impact and leave impressions on those you work for. Make every relationship count as you start your postgraduation journey. We surely will never forget you.

Congratulations to our amazing Class of 2021. You made it.



Noah Tradonsky ’21SB

South Africa
Sy Syms School of Business
Major: Finance
Minor: Management

Noah is the Sy Syms 2021 co-valedictorian as he earned a 4.0 GPA. He is currently planning on making aliyah to Israel during the summer. He interned during summer 2020 at TD Securities; he obtained the internship through YU alumni connections.

“Daniel Coleman and Naomi Rapp at the SGC really helped me with my résumé and my interview skills to prepare for my interview at TD Securities. They picked up on small things that really helped me turn a bad answer into a good answer, which was really key.

“I am really looking forward to working finance in the VC space.”

Shira Kurland ’21SB

Brooklyn, NY
Sy Syms School of Business
Honors Student
Major: BIMA
Minor: Computer Science

Shira completed an internship in summer 2020 with Broadridge Financial Solutions and will start working there as a full-time analyst in June.

“One thing I really loved about YU was the opportunity to celebrate Jewish living. The education I received really enhanced my Jewish identity. That Torah Umadda mantra YU espouses really hit home.

“I literally got my job from the SGC. I casually went to a Career Fair in October 2019, before the coronavirus hit. It was mostly for finance and accounting people, but they said technical people should go, so I went.

“I met the Broadridge recruiter and gave her my résumé. I was supposed to work at TAMID that summer, but I got an email from Broadridge asking if I wanted to interview. I had a great interview, was offered the role and completed the internship. Last fall, my boss offered me a part-time role, and I will begin working in my full-time role in June!

“Besides the Career Fair, I utilized the SGC to update my résumé, and I did a résumé booster event that paired me with a professional in my field who really helped me enhance the base that I had.

“Both working on my résumé and getting the internship that led to my job were a result of working with the SGC.”

Daniel Guttman ’21SB

Woodmere, NY
Yeshiva College
Major: Psychology
Track: Pre-Health

Daniel will be attending Albert Einstein College of Medicine in the fall and is thinking of specializing in pediatric neurology.

“The dual curriculum really helped me throughout my studies. The pre-med track is unparalleled, and it has a great record of success.

“I was co-president of the American Red Cross Club, where we taught people how to stop bleeding in cases of emergencies. Installing smoke detectors in the Bronx was something I genuinely enjoyed.

“I was also president of the Gift of Life club, which promotes bone marrow donation. To get as many people as possible into the registry, we swabbed 400 people and found four matches for people in need.

“I volunteered at the Weill Cornell clinic for over two years, and I did research at NYU’s Department of Neurology on Alzheimer’s disease. These experiences were pivotal in getting ready for medical school and helped shift my entire application.

“I am the editorial assistant for a new journal, Achieve Journal of Behavioral Health, Religion and Community. We are getting ready to publish our first volume.

“YU and the SGC provided a lot of opportunities and help me succeed elsewhere. I used the SGC for mock-interviews, including using the Big Interview platform, and I used it to craft a résumé that helped me obtain my research positions and was a part of my medical school application.”

Isaac Bendahan ’21YC

Gran Canaria, Canary Islands, Spain
Yeshiva College
Major: Mathematics and Psychology

“I am starting an import company to bring in a special drink from the Canary Islands. I started bringing it over when I came from home, but my father suggested that I try to sell this in a bigger way. So I obtained the exclusive rights to sell it in the United States. Postgraduation, I plan to work on selling the product.

“YU is a small school, and you get a lot of personal attention, which helps you keep loving the place and keeps you excited. That is the best thing about Yeshiva University.

“I have met with Sharon Mella-Reyes many times. She worked with me tirelessly, aiding me with my résumé and really pushing me on my internship search, helping me get ready for interviews and update my LinkedIn profile. I truly appreciated all the work she did with me.”

Rachel Sperber ’21S

Teaneck, NJ
Stern College for Women
Major: Psychology

Rachel will be attending law school in the fall at either New York University or Harvard University. “I worked with the SGC on the résumé I used for law school.”

Originally a transfer to Stern College from Rutgers, Rachel outlined that she made the right choice to transfer and has really enjoyed her experience.

“I made really good friends at Stern. I had a fellowship from the Jewish Foundation for Education of Women, which was a really good experience and helped with school. Because the classes at Stern are smaller, I knew the professors better, and it was easier to ask for letters of recommendation, which really helped me on my law school journey.”

Rachel Jacoby ’21S

New York, NY
Stern College for Women
Major: English Literature

In June, Rachel will begin work at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center as a clinical research coordinator. “I am going to take two gap years, which I will spend at Sloan Kettering while studying for the MCATs. I will apply in two cycles for medical school.

“The English Department professors were so wonderful, warm and caring that they made my decision to major in English literature as a pre-med student so much easier.

“Last year, I had some volunteer opportunities fall through because of COVID-19, and when Dean Wasserman of Sy Syms put together the summer of opportunity program, I reached out to the SGC to work on my résumé. I first worked with Jim (MacWhorter), and with his help I was able to get a research position in a lab for the summer. When I was applying for jobs a year later, one of the things, that the clinical research team at Sloan Kettering mentioned was my internship!

“I worked with Naomi (Rapp) to fix up my résumé and really prep for interviews, and she was super helpful in coaching me how to be strategic in the interview process.

“The SGC was really helpful this year.”

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