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ISSUE 20 • March 1, 2021

Note from the Executive Director

A personal pitch is a way to sell yourself that invites conversation toward a specific goal. We each have our own goals, and we each need a few pitches ready to use at any time. This is not a one-size-fits-all introduction. There are pitches for different situations. Trying to introduce yourself to a stranger at a social gathering? Wanting to sound confident to an employer at a job fair or interview?

One thing to remember is that you need to be persuasive. This is a short recap, and it needs to be compelling enough to spark the listener’s interest in your idea or background. Pitches are not just for getting an internship or job, yet this is a good place to start delivering them. One day you may be selling a product or a new business idea, and once you perfect the “tell me about yourself,” you will be able to convince anyone that you are confident in what you are delivering.

Think like a marketer would. It is more compelling when you talk about the benefits rather than the features. For example, “I am a Yeshiva University student who can bring an entirely new data narrative to your business. My proficiency in Tableau coupled with my studies in data analytics and finance make me a well-versed candidate in both data visualization and financial acumen. These are two qualities that your company will always need. I am graduating in May and could begin onboarding even sooner. Is there a time when we could talk about my value-add to your business?” This is strong. This is how the company would benefit.

“I am a senior at Yeshiva University who is graduating in May. In addition to my studies as a finance major, I have also taken some data analytics courses. I am looking for an exciting position where I can create data narratives in the finance space. Might you have a few minutes so that I can share how I can add value to your company?” These are features. Candidates have many, yet it is the benefit that employers want to hear.

Upon reading this issue of the Career Strategist, you will have the foundational knowledge to begin building your Portfolio of Pitches. Naomi Kapp, associate director of career advising, provides advice and strategies to get you started.


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Naomi KappNaomi Kapp

Associate Director of Career Advising

Naomi Kapp started working as an adviser at Yeshiva University in 1986. Today, 35 years later, Naomi is still working with YU students to prepare them for whatever is next in their professional lives. L’Dor V’Dor, “from generation to generation,” has been a central theme of her work. Originally just working with students at the Beren Campus, Naomi over the years has expanded her advising portfolio to the Wilf campus, reaching literally generations of YU students. It is relatively common for Naomi to have advised a YU parent, their children and numerous members of their extended family.

Naomi graduated from New York University with a B.A. in Political Science, Sociology and Education. She went on to Brooklyn College to earn her M.Ed. in Counseling and Development. Before coming to YU, she spent time at Touro College and Federation Employment & Guidance Service (FEGS). Other than a sabbatical year living in Israel, where she volunteered at Nefesh B’Nefesh in their Employment Services Division, Naomi has been a counselor, adviser and mentor to thousands of students at YU.

“What has struck me about Naomi’s advising is the care she has for each individual student,” said Joshua Meredith, director of career advising and technology. “She is half-teacher and half-sounding board for students. Naomi’s ability to create an environment where students feel comfortable to discuss their futures and then work with her to execute an action plan is something incredible special.”

Leading career events focusing on students obtaining internships, employment and graduate school opportunities in Israel has been one of the hallmarks of Naomi’s work. Additionally, she has been integral on the Beren campus in creating the undergraduate majors fair and working with her Shevet Glaubach Center colleagues on a yearly non-profit career fair.

“It is hard for me to believe that 35 years have passed since I first entered Yeshiva University,” observed Naomi. “When people ask me why I have stayed so long, I tell them it is the students that first attracted me to YU and that continue to attract and challenge me. They are among the best and brightest and are the future leaders of the Jewish world and society at large. Enabling and empowering them to achieve their goals has given much meaning to my own work life.”

“Naomi’s work and commitment to YU is unmatched,” noted Susan Bauer, executive director of the SGC. “Naomi’s advising day-in and day-out embodies the spirit of our community and provides students with the necessary skills to make their futures a reality.”

Tip of the Week

Preparing the Personal Pitch

Even though the start of baseball season is still just over a month away, “preparing to pitch” is a very timely subject for all students at YU. Many of you will be seeking summer internships, full-time positions and/or interviewing for graduate school admissions. Creating a strong “personal pitch” will be critical to creating a great first impression to potential employers or admissions officers.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with this term, it is the answer to the question “Tell me about yourself.” A personal pitch is a clear and concise introduction of yourself in a way that invites conversation toward a specific career goal. It is an overview of your experience and skills as a candidate. Some of you may have heard of the term “elevator pitch” because it is a way to share your expertise and credentials quickly and effectively with people whom you have just met in a format short enough to present during a brief elevator ride.

One needs a personal pitch if one is:

  • Interviewing for a specific job
  • Involved in a graduate school interview
  • Participating in a networking event
  • Conducting an informational interview with a professional in the field
  • Attending a career fair, panel discussion or an on-site employer visit

Here are the steps to preparing an effective Personal Pitch:

  1. Have a specific goal in mind. Thus, if you may be looking for positions in multiple areas, you need to have a targeted personal pitch for each objective.
  2. Introduce yourself, your name, year in school, major and be able to clearly articulate your professional goals.
  3. Think about the top three experiences from your academic, extracurricular or work credentials that highlight a skill set you want them to know that you possess that would be relevant to them and the qualifications they seek.
  4. Then end with why you want to work for the employer and give some career goals that you could achieve through the position.
  5. Whether delivering it in person or virtually, remember to maintain eye contact so that there is a connection you are creating with the individual to whom you are speaking.
  6. Finally, remember that this information needs to be presented in two minutes or less, so it needs to be short and natural yet professional and compelling.

Although introducing yourself to others may sound simple, it takes thought and practice. Rehearse with friends, family, or a Career Adviser. A good personal pitch can help you build your network, land a job or gain acceptance into graduate school.

Naomi Kapp
Associate Director, Career Advising

Internships and Jobs

These can be accessed through the YU Career Link: YUCL


  • Summer 2021 Marketing and Sales Internship, Alder Security • YUCL Job ID: 42117 • Deadline: March 13
  • Civic Innovation Corps, Coding it Forward • YUCL Job ID: 42329 • Deadline: March 21
  • Internship at Real Estate Development & Construction Co., Gotham Dream Builders • YUCL Job ID: 40247 • Deadline: March 22
  • NYS Senate Internship, New York State Senate • YUCL Job ID: 40749 • Deadline: March 26
  • New York Cloud & Infrastructure Consulting Intern, West Monroe • YUCL Job ID: 42069 • Deadline: March 31
  • Project and Performance Management Intern: Remote Summer ’21, Mayor’s Office of Operations, City of New York • YUCL Job ID: 42253 • Deadline: March 31

Entry-Level Jobs

  • Paralegal, Korsinsky & Klein LLP • YUCL Job ID: 42239 • Deadline: March 3
  • Financial Advisor – Midtown Manhattan, AXA Advisors LLC • YUCL Job ID: 41746 • Deadline: March 4
  • Project Coordinator – MedLabs Diagnostics, Centers Health Care • YUCL Job ID: 39934 • Deadline: March 5
  • Internship Coordinator/Supervising Psychotherapist, Union Settlement • YUCL Job ID: 42004 • Deadline: March 10
  • Graphic Artist/ Photographer, Quest Collection • YUCL Job ID: 42626 • Deadline: March 12

Early- to Mid-Career Jobs

  • Marketing & Communications Associate (REMOTE), Chai Lifeline • YUCL Job ID: 40819 • Deadline: March 6
  • Clinical Assistant Professor, Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology • YUCL Job ID: 40054 • Deadline: March 16
  • Early Childhood Center Associate Director, Magen David Yeshivah • YUCL Job ID: 42068 • Deadline: March 19


Network with Young Professionals and Seniors!

The Networking Club, YSU & SCWSC, and The Shevet Glaubach Center present networking for the freshman and sophomore classes! Join us to meet professionals and seniors in medicine, accounting, journalism, finance, computer science, marketing and education.

  • Wednesday, March 3
  • Time: 8 p.m. ET
  • Zoom

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During the 2020-2021 academic year to date, the SGC has completed more than 175 mock-interview preparations with students.


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