University Unveils Digital Media Communications Lab on Wilf Campus

Sep 12, 2006 — Yeshiva University is starting off the 2006-2007 school year with a state-of-the-art digital communications lab at the Wilf Campus that will provide students with hands-on experience with the video, audio, and graphic production tools found in the professional workplace.

The digital media communications lab on the 13th floor of Belfer Hall will be used both for classes and independent projects. The Wilf Campus faculty will enable projects and class work in media creation, media analysis, web development and graphic programming. This opens new horizons in media production, news, politics, psychology, marketing, public relations, journalism, politics, e-commerce, education, computer graphics, and animation as well as other emerging digital technologies that affect the varied areas of communications.

Students will have an unprecedented opportunity to learn about electronic media, analyze message-making strategies, and create their own portfolios, so they will be prepared to participate in the contemporary message-market effectively.

The lab will be utilized by departments that use different forms of video, audio and graphic tools in both the physical and social sciences. The Physics Department has expressed an interest in using the lab for modeling and Wurzweiler School of Social Work is interested in using the lab to edit video of students doing interviews to be reviewed in classes.

YU alumnus Samuel Solomon, CEO of DOAR Litigation Consulting, is a Yeshiva College board member and one of the major contributors toward the $400,000 lab. He chose to donate funds towards the lab because “this whole area interested me from our company’s perspective, creating an interdisciplinary approach to digital communications and multimedia using the latest media, graphics, methods of communication, and persuasion. Though my personal interest is multimedia and the law, this facility will serve a host of disciplines.”

The lab houses eight Macintosh workstations with tools for creating and editing, multi-track audio, video with digital effects, music composition, graphics, photo and image editing, animation tools for video production, and web development tools, according to Gary Olson, principal of the independent consulting group VDO Ltd., which assisted in assembling the lab.

Each workstation is equipped with the full Apple Final Cut HD Pro package and Adobe Creative Suite software. Together, these workstations form a network with more than 2.8TB of SAN Storage. Each workstation has DVD recording ability and a dedicated DV Player/Recorder connected via Firewire.

Students will be able to use eight new DV Camera field kits with lights, tripods, and audio equipment; four digital audio file mixers with Hard disk recorders and microphones; and four Canon Rebel Digital cameras for still photography. The lab also has a high-resolution scanner, high-resolution large-format color laser printer, and standard production color laser printer. There is a large plasma display and audio system for screenings and demonstrations.

“We are proud to announce the creation of the new Digital Communications Lab at the Wilf Campus,” said Dr. Morton Lowengrub, vice president for academic affairs. “Today, more than ever, an understanding of how electronic messages are made, transmitted, and received is critical to participation in the larger world.”

“Some young, bright Orthodox student is going to make a great motion picture some day because he took a course in film-making here,” said Dr. Norman Adler, university professor of psychology and special assistant to the vice president for curriculum development and research initiatives, who spearheaded the project.

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