Update On Curriculum Changes

New Communications Offerings and Ongoing ‘Re-imagining’ of Undergraduate Education

The process of re-imagining undergraduate education as well as of planning the budgeting that is necessary for YU to remain competitive and meet its core mission continues as quickly and responsibly as possible. Changes are coming, and members of the University community have questions and concerns. A perfect example is the Speech department at Yeshiva College. As it goes the way of its counterparts at many major universities, lots of attention is being paid to the fate of speech courses at YC.

Here’s the fact: preparing our students with business and personal communications skills that they’ll need to succeed remains a priority and, with that goal in mind, a new business communications curriculum is being introduced, developed jointly by the Syms School of Business and the Yeshiva College English department.

Other changes that are in the final stages of preparation include unveiling the innovative and sweeping update to the curriculum that has been years in the making.

Tough choices do remain, including offering fewer sections of some courses, as well as reductions in Studio Arts and Physical Education (YC) as well as in some languages (YC and Stern). Other options are under consideration as well, but the Office of the Provost is taking the time necessary to ensure that the best decisions are made for our present and future students.

Yeshiva College Dean Barry Eichler has communicated information to the student body through an interview with the Commentator student newspaper about this ongoing process. A broader update on the status of the re-imagining project, including details about the new curriculum, is being prepared for release.

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