View from YU: Nov. 1, 2019

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Times Square Kumzitz 2019

A night of singing, dancing and prayer in support of Israel.

In Memoriam: Bob Tufts

YU mourns the passing of the much beloved Bob Tufts, clinical assistant professor at the Sy Syms School of Business and assistant coach for YU’s baseball team.

YU Innovation Lab announces second cohort

Eleven Israeli startups will collaborate with students and faculty on a range of exciting projects.

Steve Madden Speaks Out

The famous designer talks intellectual property, fashion and careers at Cardozo’s “FAME and Fashion Law Society” event.

A New Edition of YU Ideas

In “Intellectual Property in the Digital Age,” YU faculty and staff write about ownership, protection, and permanence.


Highlights on Campus

  • Marathon Man: Biology instructor Vincent Chiappetta discusses his involvement as co-founder of the New York City Marathon.
  • Simone Morabito of Cardozo Law School reflects on the beauty of running in the marathon.
  • Students heard YU rabbis give uplifting shiurim [lectures] throughout the holiday of Sukkot.
  • YU students created a fun and spirited Yom Tov experience in 22 communities during the Simchat Torah holiday.
  • Ferkauf gives a big welcome to first-year incoming students and their families at the annual Friends and Family brunch.
  • Ferkauf hosts the Big Apple Health Psychology Colloquium, a student-led event for doctoral students interested in health psychology.
  • Rabbi Dr. Yakov Nagen, the author of Be, Become, Bless – Jewish Spirituality Between East and West, links China and Israel in two dynamic lectures.
  • Sweat 4 Tzedakah gives Stern students the chance to do good while getting fit as they raise funds for various causes, such as battling cancer in women.
  • Dr. Moses Pava, former dean of Sy Syms, and Dr. Noam Wasserman, the current dean, discuss passion, patience and prospects.
  • Students in the Bet Tzedek Civil Litigation Clinic at Cardozo Law School provide community members with critically important legal services.
  • Elisheva Kohn and Aharón Benchimol attend the Appeal for Conscience Foundation’s annual dinner celebrating religious freedom.
  • Three MTA students—Shua Feigin, Moishe Newman and Aaron Poulad—and their instructor, Chayim Goldberg, work with Dr. Sumanta Goswami at Yeshiva College on cancer research.

Faculty News of Note

  • Painting the Way to the Moon, a new documentary, looks at the life and art of Dr. Edward Belbruno.
  • Dr. Jeffrey Gurock describes an almost-Eden in his new book, Parkchester: A Bronx Tale of Race and Ethnicity.
  • Dr. Shalom Holtz explores the ancient language of prayer in his new book, Praying Legally.
  • Dr. Paula Geyh presented a paper on “reality and the postmodern” at an international conference in Austria.
  • Dr. Rachel Mesch shows how women’s magazines of the late 19th century allowed women to prosper as writers.
  • Dr. Jannine Lasaleta researches how nostalgia can be harnessed to influence consumer behavior.
  • Dr. Lisa Chalik directs the Developing Minds Lab at Stern College for Women, which researches the socialization of children.
  • Dr. Linda Shires lectured at Princeton University on the subject of 19th-century literature and the visual arts.

YU in the News

  • Bob Tufts fought cancer with an arsenal of brushback pitches until his final inning (Forbes).
  • Dr. Edward Belbruno has a lively interview in Scientific American about math, art and creativity.
  • Dr. Andy Catlin, program director of the Online Masters in Data Analytics and Visualization Program at the Katz School of Science and Health, discusses how Facebook deepens the political divide (Forbes).
  • Jaime Gutt and Aharón Benchimol spoke to Univision about the importance of the Jewish holidays.
  • The YU Innovation Lab launches second cohort with 11 Israeli startups (No Camels).
  • Dr. Jeffrey Gurock’s Parkchester: A Bronx Tale of Race and Ethnicity receives a positive review in Foreward Reviews.
  • Ari Lamm, special adviser to the president of Yeshiva University, writes in Tablet that “Yes, It Is Good to Hate al-Baghdadi.”

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