West Hempstead’s Ari Lamm Awarded Kressel Scholarship

Oct 28, 2008 — Ari Lamm, a Jewish studies major at Yeshiva University’s (YU), is one of four scholars chosen as a 2008 winner of the first annual Henry Kressel Research Scholarship, established to perpetuate YU’s student research community. The scholarship seeks to embody the commitment to intellectual rigor, creativity and pursuit of knowledge that defines Yeshiva University.

“As a firm believer and proponent of the Torah U’madda ideology embodied by Yeshiva University, I am grateful for the myriad of opportunities provided for serious commitment to both Torah studies and worldly knowledge,” says Mr. Lamm, a West Hempstead native. “The Kressel Scholarship has allowed me the privilege of engaging in both at the same time.”

The scholarship funding provides a stipend of $7,500 for the academic year, with additional grant monies available for travel or research support. Academic mentors to the scholars also receive a $2,000 grant to offset costs of supervising the student’s research. Recipients are expected to spend at least one intensive summer and academic year on the project. Following their research tenure, Kressel Scholars will lead student sessions publicizing their work to catalyze a larger intellectual discussion on the topic.

Mr. Lamm’s research will focus on the intellectual history of the Amoraim (ancient scholars) of the Babylonian Talmud. His mentor is Dr. Yaakov Elman, professor of Judaic studies at YU and an associate at Harvard University’s Center for Jewish Studies.

Dr. Elman believes his pupil has a bright future ahead. “Ari has the intellect and capabilities that a career in scholarship or the rabbinate requires,” says Dr. Elman. “He is deeply concerned with the problems of the world and will do his part to correct them. His creative mind and outstanding personality will allow him to impact whatever audience he addresses.”

Dr. Henry Kressel, Managing Director of Warburg Pincus LLC and a Yeshiva College graduate, funded the program with the goal of expanding student-faculty research. “The idea is to make it possible for students to work with talented faculty in advancing knowledge and to get a taste of the exciting world of research,” says Dr. Kressel. “My expectation is that this program will lead to a richer intellectual environment at Yeshiva University and encourage more students to pursue a career in research through graduate studies.”

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