Who's On Furst? – March 31

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And the walls come tumblin’ down…

This week on “Who’s on Furst?” (Thursdays at 2 PM EST on www.nachumsegal.com and www.yu.edu/radio): Is it really ‘Springtime in the Middle East’ or are we having higher hopes than should be expected?  And is this all ‘good’? Live in the studio, meet Bryan Daves, Middle East expert and assistant professor in political science at Stern College for Women. He will share his thoughts and insights into the ever-evolving and unfolding of events in that area.

It was almost two years ago when Dr. Jennifer Mazotta-Peretti’s story first starting making headlines. At the beginning, she was just a teacher with a crazy story about a crazy promise she had made to a former student. Now, she is still in education – but with one less kidney, as she kept her word and donated a major organ to save the life of an eighteen year old boy who was fighting for his life. Did we mention that she’s a devout Christian and he’s a Jewish boy from Long Island? Hear their story, life after the transplant, where they both are now and how her kidney is thriving inside someone else’s body.

All that, plus a round up of the local Jewish newspapers and world reports: live from Furst Hall, it’s “Who’s on Furst?” every Thursdays at 2PM, on www.nachumsegal.com or www.yu.edu/radio. It’s the 60 most enjoyable minutes you’ll have at work this week.

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