Yarchei Kallah for Rebbetzins

Annual Event Brings Together Rebbetzins for Learning and Support

The Rebbetzin Esther Rosenblatt Yarchei Kallah for Rebbetzins took place on Nov. 12- 13, 2018, in Teaneck, New Jersey, at Congregation Keter Torah. This event acknowledged the great contribution and influence of rebbetzins [wives of rabbis] in the growth and success of the rabbinic couple in developing their community.

Over 90 rebbetzins gathered together from across the United States and Canada for a unique opportunity to network with each other in a safe and supportive environment, develop lasting relationships, acquire new resources and skills, and enjoy the intellectual stimulation of Torah study with leading Jewish scholars while being mentored by more experienced rebbetzins.

The theme of the conference was Bree’ut HaNefesh Bree’ut HaGuf [Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual Health for our Families and Communities].

Dr. Ari Berman, President of Yeshiva University
Rabbi Yaakov Glasser
Rabbi Dr. Jacob J. Schacter
Rabbi Menachem Penner
Rabbi Dr. Meir Soloveichik
Rabbi Yakov Horowitz
Rabbi Larry Rothwachs
Rabbi Ronald Schwarzberg
Rabbi Dr. Ari Sytner
Rabbi Elan Segelman
Dr. David Pelcovitz
Dr. Akiva Perlman
Mrs. Peshi Neuburger
Mrs. Dina Schoonmaker
Mrs. Nechama Price
Mrs. Yocheved Schacter
Mrs. Abby Lerner
Mrs. Bassie Taubes
Dr. Roz Sherman
Mrs. Lianne Forman
Dr. Rivka Schwartz
Mrs. Suzie Marder
Mrs. Rifki Freundlich
Mrs. Tova Polakoff
Mrs. Aliza Bixon
Mrs. Zahava List
Ms. Shanee Markovitz
Mrs. Sara Bateman

A Rebbetzin’s Life at Different Ages and Different Stages – A Panel Discussion
Removing the Fear of Stigma from Families with Mental Health Issues – A Panel Discussion
Balancing the Needs of Your Kehilah with Those of Your Family
Shiur: Covering Hair in Halacha
Our Kids in the Fishbowl: How to Guide Them
Understanding the World of an Addict: Identifying and Responding to Addictive Behaviors
Making Time when There is No Time: Reducing Stress with Healthy Living
Financial Planning and Managing for the Rabbinic Family
Kallah Class 2.0 – Beyond the Halacha—What Kallahs Really Want to Know
When Couples Divorce: What the Research Says About the Role of Rabbi and Rebbetzin
Considerations about Egg Donation in Halacha
Lighting the Spark: Keeping Observance Fresh in Our Community

Various organizations and consultants, including YU Connects, NechamaComfort, Shalom Task Force, Project S.A.R.A.H., Sharsheret and the PUAH Institute were present to consult with the rebbetzins.

The Rebbetzin Esther Rosenblatt Yarchei Kallah for Rebbetzins