Yehudit Abrams on the Benefits of Failure

Entrepreneur Advises Students About to Manage Their Paths to Success

Dr. Yehudit AbramsOn Wednesday, Feb. 20, 2019, Dr. Yehudit Abrams spoke to 25 Yeshiva College students about how failure, if handled properly, can be a great spur to success in both one’s professional and spiritual lives.

She began with a whirlwind rendition of her life, from growing up Christian in Boise, Idaho, and her conversion to Judaism through her work for NASA and her career as a doctor to MonitHer, a start-up effort to produce a device that people can use to self-screen for breast cancer.

Talking her cue from Samuel Beckett’s famous quote in Worstward Ho!—“Try again. Fail again. Fail better.”—she encouraged her listeners to “fail fast” and to “embrace your fears” because “innovation is this dance between failure and success.”

After she spoke, Dr. Abrams held a Q&A with the students, who peppered her with questions about everything from the Israeli tech world to how long it will take her to roll out the first iteration of MonitHer to the market.

A video of her presentation can be seen here.