Yeshiva College’s Computer Science Department Upgrades 4-Year Data Science and Distributed Systems Degrees to Bachelor of Science

Judah Diament

Yeshiva University is thrilled to announce that the two four-year tracks in Yeshiva College’s Computer Science major, one focused on Data Science and the other on Distributed Systems (also known as cloud computing), have been both upgraded to the status of a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree. The three-year track will continue to award a BA degree.

Judah Diament, chair of the computer science department at Yeshiva College as well as an associate professor in the department, points out that “upgrading our four-year computer science degrees will give our students an additional edge in their careers.” The number of general education requirements are in line with what is expected in a BS program and give the students the time to focus on their computer science studies.

Under Diament’s leadership, the department has experienced a strong growth in faculty expertise, curricular breadth, admission to top graduate schools and internship and employment opportunities. For example, the class of 2020 has received job offers from such companies as Google, IBM, BNY Mellon, TD Securities, CitiBank, Bloomberg and Amazon. “We have been working assiduously since 2016 to build a highly competitive computer science program,” Diament noted, “and the placement results of the class of 2020 concretely show the tremendous benefits to our students.”

In appreciation of the assistance and guidance the department received in the upgrading of the degrees, Diament said, “Dean Bacon, Provost Botman, and President Berman have unfailingly provided critical support to our department and are committed to giving students multiple pathways to success.”

The New Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Distributed Systems Track (4-years)

Students will learn how to build the large-scale software systems critical to the success of every major industry today. Internet giants (Google, Amazon, Facebook, Netflix), finance (trading, high speed risk modeling), logistics (FedEx, UPS), data-driven medicine (Mayo Clinic, Memorial Sloan Kettering) and transportation (Uber, Lyft, autonomous vehicles) all depend upon distributed systems. This track provides:

  • Computer science and software engineering fundamentals
  • In-depth applied knowledge of every level of the software stack: system, operating system, network, application, database, and distributed, and security issues at the various levels of the stack
  • The ability to build software at any scale, from a single process on a single computer to massive parallel systems running across thousands of machines, such as those that make cloud computing and modern financial technology possible. 

The New Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Data Science Track (4-years)

Data-rich industries (e.g., tech, finance, marketing, logistics) use statistical and probabilistic approaches in mission-critical decision making and software systems, usually referred to as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing. This track provides:

  • Computer science and software engineering fundamentals
  • In-depth applied knowledge of all major aspects of data science, including machine learning, artificial intelligence and natural language processing
  • Expertise in data management, data visualization, and data cleaning

For more information on the new Bachelor of Science degrees and their requirements, download “A Guide to the Computer Science Majors at Yeshiva College.”

Read through the FAQs on requirements or contact Judah Diament at with any questions.