Yeshiva University High Schools Virtual Dinner

On behalf of the Essential Responders, Board of Trustees, Administration, and students of Yeshiva University High Schools, we would like to express our deepest appreciation to all those who participated in our Virtual Dinner of Tribute and its tremendous success. Thanks to your generosity, we are excited to announce that we have raised $430,000 in support of the unparalleled educational experience we provide to our talmidim [students].

Mazel Tov again to our Essential Responders, YUHSB Torah Responder Rabbi Mordechai Willig; YUHSG Community Responders Gloria Gordon (’65), Tova Taragin (’65), Suzanne Weilgus (’66), Dr. Lynda Zentman (’65), and Rochelle Zupnik (’65); YUHSG Legacy Family Yakir and Mira Wachstock and Hadassah Kessler Wachstock (’64) and Jacob Wachstock, Z”L (’63); YUHSB Family Of The Year Dr. Yitzchak (’90) and Shoshana Schechter; and our essential faculty at YUHSB and YUHSG.

Thank you to our dinner chairs, committee members, and volunteers who helped make this dinner such an overwhelming success. The funds raised will enable us to continue to provide an outstanding education, steeped in Torah U’Madda ideals, to the talmidim who call YUHSB their home.

To relive the event, watch our videos below highlighting Torah at MTA, our amazing faculty, and our honorees. You can also click here to watch the entire program and click here to watch the full 30-minute conversation with Rabbi Willig and Rabbi Kahn,where they explored Rav Willig’s halachic leadership during the pandemic.


Watch Torah Come Alive At MTA!


A Tribute To Our Amazing Faculty!


Honoring YUHS Legacy Families


For a full report, go to the MTA website.