Yeshiva University Pays Tribute to Staff for Decades of Service

President Richard M. Joel with Sylvia Herskowitz, director of the YU Museum (left), and Jo Anne Anguilo (right), a systems analyst in Management Information Systems, who both celebrated 30 years of service.

Mar 26, 2007 — With more than 1,431 years of service behind them, the 78 members of staff and faculty at Yeshiva University’s Service Recognition Luncheon on Wednesday, March 4, had much to celebrate. The event honored employees marking their 10th, 15th, 20th, 25th, 30th, and 40th anniversaries at YU.

“The ultimate lesson of education—to build community—is in the hands of the people in this room,” said President Richard M. Joel. “This is a community that stands as a model for how our students should treat the world.”

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Forty years ago, when Ethel Orlian and Rabbi Robert Hirt started working at YU, gas cost just 32 cents a gallon and the top show on TV was Bonanza. In 1966, Mrs. Orlian, now associate dean of Stern College, had just graduated from Stern and began teaching chemistry in the lab there and Rabbi Hirt, senior advisor to the president, began his fruitful career at Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary, rising from administrator to various leadership positions, including dean of the Max Stern Division of Communal Services.

By 1976, when Jo Anne Anguilo and Sylvia Herskowitz joined the University, gas cost 59 cents a gallon and movie audiences flocked to see Rocky. Ms. Anguilo, now a systems analyst in Management Information Systems on the Wilf Campus, began working as an assistant in the registrar’s office at Albert Einstein College of Medicine and Ms. Herskowitz worked as director of the recently opened YU Museum, a job that she said launched her third career and changed her life.

Members of the “classes” of 1966, 1976, 1981, 1986, and 1991 received service certificates and special recognition was given to three of YU’s longest-serving employees: Reuben Heisler, production database manager, who began YU’s production department as a student and returned to work there 51 years ago; Jacob Blazer, supporting services administrator with 53 years of service—35 as facilities manager; and Joseph Ellenberg, who was awarded the Presidential Medallion at commencement last year for his 62 years of service as director of budgets and costs.

The following staff and faculty members were honored:

40 Years of Service
Rabbi Robert Hirt Ethel Orlian

30 Years of Service
Jo Anne Angiulo Sylvia Herskowitz

25 Years of Service
Judith Bacher
Edith Fein
Hilda Garcia
Florence Littwin
Filiberto Lopez Jr.
Luis Quintanilla
Julio Rodriguez
Avis Thompson
Franco Vitiello
Galina Vovchuk

20 Years of Service
Shulamith Berger
Zelda Braun
George Bruno
Zahava Cohen
Herman Colon
Albert Ephraim
Norma Feld
Raphael Fernandez
Terry Gair
Adam Gleicher
Norman Goldberg
Dale Hochstein
Gloria Marin
Raphael Montas
Joseph Motta
Alexander Ratnovsky
Sondra Solomon
Toby Stone
Judy Tashji
Errol Thompson

15 Years of Service
Richard Brown
Hallie Cantor
Irina Derzhavets
June Glazer
Lancelot Green
Nadav Greenspan
Joseph Horowitz
Bryan Kartzman
Bettye Knight
Brian Shanblatt
Albert Stulman

10 Years of Service
Rochelle Brand
Rose Calka
Victor Campos
Luis Caraballo
Orlando Castillo
Bienvenido Castro
Louis Chillino
Frank Del Vecchio
Ursuline Destouche
Stuart Donner
Francisco Garcia
Wendy Ingram-Nunes
Leonard Judson
Angel Landeta
Matthew Levine
Ruben Lopez
Malka Micznik
Tonnie McRae
Verol Nelson
Chaim Nissel
Frances Nitschke
Anselmo Pena
Diane Paul
Roy Ramprasad
Neury Rodriguez
Jose Ruiz
Henry Sokoler
Jose Velazquez
Kecheng Yu
Walter Zee

Special Recognition
Jacob Blazer (53 years)
Joseph Ellenberg (62 years)
Reuben Heisler (51 years)


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