Yeshiva University Ranked With Columbia, NYU as Top National Research Universities in New York Area

Aug 22, 2005 — The annual US News & World Report survey of America’s top universities has once again ranked Yeshiva University (YU) in the top tier of national research universities. It is named with Columbia and NYU as the top universities in the metropolitan area.

“We are pleased that US News has once again rated Yeshiva University as one of the top universities in the country,” said President Richard M. Joel. “The quality of our students, faculty, undergraduate programs, and graduate programs in medicine, law, social work, psychology and education has always been known to us, but it is encouraging to be recognized in the annual rankings.”

Yeshiva University’s rank of 45 is up one place from last year. Other schools in the top 50 include Harvard, Princeton, Yale, and Cornell.

Yeshiva University was also ranked as one of the top 50 “best value” schools –– offering a high quality education relative to its net cost.

Yeshiva University ranked 17th in faculty resources, reflecting its small class sizes and numerous faculty with doctoral degrees. In fact, Yeshiva University has the fewest classes with 50 students or more of any other national research university in the top 50, highlighting its intimate classroom experience.

Yeshiva University was also cited in the top 25 for its high 2004 graduation rate.

Other factors that account for Yeshiva University’s steady rise in the rankings in recent years include a high rate of retention among students, high SAT scores, and strong financial resources.

“While we are proud of our top-tier status, I caution against over-reliance on ranking numbers alone,” President Joel continued. “Every accredited college is the best choice for some students, regardless of rankings. The key for every student is to find the right match, not the highest ranking.”

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