Jun 14, 2007 — A group of close to 30 rabbis from across the country gathered in Chicago from June 11-13 to participate in study and discussion sessions designed to enhance their professional skills. The three-day Yarchei Kallah, part of an ongoing program developed by Yeshiva University’s Center for the Jewish Future (CJF), was created to offer young rabbis who want to improve their skills and develop useful tools to take back to their congregations. The program has become a popular event for all the participating rabbis across North America.

The program, held at Anshei Shalom B’nei Israel Congregation in Chicago, offered participants opportunities for study, sharing, and professional growth related to the holidays, and also to the many components of rabbinic, congregational, and community life.

Rabbi Dr. Jacob J. Schacter, University Professor of Jewish History and Jewish Thought at YU, and senior scholar of CJF, served as facilitator. Rabbi Schacter heads the CJF division that provides continuing education to rabbis, and he serves as a liaison with lay leaders in individual communities. He will offer his insights on an array of topics to rabbis, most of whom have been serving in the rabbinate for over ten years.

“What was most rewarding was the discussion that ensued after we were done with sections of the material,” said Rabbi Schacter. “The participants shared their own personal thoughts and everyone learned from and was able to build upon each other’s insights and experiences.”

The Yarchei Kallah series is designed to pick up where many ordination programs leave off. Participants are provided with an extensive range of source material for drashot (sermons) and shiurim (classes) as well as material for personal growth. Of equal importance is the close relationship each participating rabbi develops with Rabbi Schacter, Rabbi Kenneth Brander, Dean of CJF, and colleagues.

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