Yeshiva University Student Initiative L’man Achai to Combat Poverty In Israel

Jan 7, 2005 — Yeshiva University (YU) students have launched a campaign to raise awareness of widespread poverty in Israel. The grassroots, student-run campaign called L’man Achai (for the sake of our brothers) will educate and strive to enable the American community to alleviate poverty in Israel. University President Richard M. Joel endorsed the initiative and commended the students for undertaking this effort.

According to recent reports in The Jewish Week, Jerusalem Post and UN Global Policy Forum, one in every five families and one in every three children in Israel live below the poverty line. This year, 1.4 million Jews in Israel are considered poor, a crisis that affects all segments of the population. The funds raised by YU students will be distributed to reputable organizations in Israel that provide food to the Israeli hungry (soup kitchens, food packages).

L’man Achai is coordinating with YU’s Israel office and President Joel’s adviser in Israel, Howard Weisband. Under the direction of YU’s Max Stern Division of Communal Services, the campaign is planning to partner with American schools and communities nationwide to raise funds and plan events such as learn-a-thons, high school programs, and shiurim. The seven-week campaign begins in February and concludes after Purim, when matanot levyonimin, gifts for the poor, will be distributed throughout Israel.

For further information, please call Rebecca Stone at 201-452-8214.

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