YU ALUMinate: Connecting YU’s Powerful Alumni Network

Staying Connected With the Important People in Your Life

ALUMinate_fb_postThe fast pace of life today often makes it difficult to create the kinds of specialized contacts that can lead to career advancement and fresh opportunities for success.

To help undergraduate alumni reach their full professional potential, the Alumni Office introduces YU ALUMinate, the official networking platform available exclusively to alumni of Stern College for WomenYeshiva College, and Sy Syms School of Business.

As Suzy Schwartz, assistant vice president for alumni affairs and strategic development, describes it, “ALUMinate is a wonderful demonstration that membership in the YU alumni family has its privileges.  We have finally created a tangible way for our powerful alumni network to leverage the benefits that come from sharing their knowledge and expertise.”

To see ALUMinate in action, meet Joel Strauss ’86YC ’92C and Mouchka Darmon Heller ’11S.

Heller, who is currently Trade Commissioner at the Consulate General of Canada in New York, posted on ALUMinate that she was organizing an event for engineers, architects and real estate owners/managers/developers.  Strauss responded to her pitch, and after several rounds of private messaging, they began discussing internships for YU and Cardozo students, an area of strong interest for Strauss.

The upshot of their conversation is the likelihood of several summer internship opportunities with the Consulate as well as a possible international trade legal internship program for a Cardozo student.  This “will hopefully result in beneficial business connections,” said Strauss. Heller sees ALUMinate as “a wonderful opportunity for connection and growth.”

This is just one example of how YU ALUMinate is an efficient way to re-connect with classmates, give back through job offers and mentorships, expand professional networks, and advance personal goals and ambition.

Becoming part of YU ALUMinate at www.yualuminate.com is simple; over 700 people have done it so far.  Visitors can use an updated LinkedIn or Facebook profile or create a stand-alone account.  They will then have access to networking events, employment opportunities, educational offerings, partnership outreach, mentorships, internships, a photo archive, an alumni directory, and updates on member postings.

Join the growing online community at www.yualuminate.com.  And those already on the site are encouraged to pass along any unique connections they have made to alumni@yu.edu.