YU Celebrates Yom Ha’Atzmaut with Exciting Event Featuring Hasidic Hip-Hop Star Nissim Black

Yeshiva University celebrated Yom Ha’atzmaut on May 5 with an exciting event The Shuk Experience, featuring Israeli food, art and a special concert from Hasidic hip-hop star Nissim Black. Yom Ha’atzmaut celebrates Israel’s Declaration of Independence 74 years ago and traditionally features music, food and outdoor activities.

YU’s event at Tenzer Gardens on the Wilf Campus drew an overall attendance of more than 500 people and highlighted YU’s deep connection with Israel.

“Our theme for this event was ‘walk, live, see,’” said Herschel Hartz, YU’s assistant director of student life. “We wanted to demonstrate in tangible terms our deep connection to Israel and its people. We had amazing Jewish music from Nissim Black, Israeli and Kosher food, a community art mural and presentations about Jewish agriculture and the ancient Kotel. All these elements highlighted our strong connection and support for the Israel and its amazing cultural landscape.”

Highlights of the event included a presentation about Israeli food by Naomi Nachman, kosher cookbook author; a street mural that read “Am Israel Chai” by Rabbi Yitzchak Moully, a Hasidic pop artist, in which the community participated; and a virtual tour of the Western Wall Tunnel excavations by Rachel Hadad, educational director of the Kotel.

Nissim Black gave the headline performance of the day and sang before an enthusiastic crowd dancing and waving Israeli flags. Nissim Black is a rising star in the area of Jewish music, and this was his second time playing at YU.

“Nissim really brought the excitement and we are honored to have this amazing artist who lives in Israel performing on campus,” said Hartz. “The event was a tremendous success, and we were so pleased to see everyone celebrating Israel together.”