YU Consulting Force: Connecting YU Students to Meaningful Projects During the Summer of 2020

How can we help nonprofits that need help amidst the current crisis, and how can our students get substantive summer experiences despite the wave of cancellations of summer internships?

Right now, Yeshiva University is launching the YU Consulting Force, a new opportunity for our most talented and dedicated students to gain real-world experience by working on group projects for major nonprofit organizations.

We are currently seeking substantive projects that will enable our best students to assist organizations this summer. The Consulting Force will consist of multi-disciplinary teams (e.g., a marketing major, a computer science major, and a finance major) working under the guidance of faculty and mentors.

Learn, Practice, Contribute

YU alumni and experts working at top consulting firms, including Accenture and Deloitte, will teach the students how to complete successful projects.  They will cover project management, client management, virtual teamwork and other relevant topics.

The students will develop their new skills in a simulated environment and compete in a case-study competition. They will then be matched with organizations that have well-defined projects for them.

To ensure high-quality results, oversight throughout the project will come from three complementary parties:

  • A YU faculty member will oversee teams working on related projects
  • YU alumni or other friends of the school will mentor each team
  • The designated project lead at the client organization will regularly interact with the team

What Organizations Commit to Do

Given the current financial conditions in which many organizations find themselves, there is no need to pay the students for their work.  In lieu of pay, the students will receive academic credit from the University. Projects will ideally begin in late June after three weeks of expert training and last for six weeks.

Organizations seeking assistance from the YU Consulting Force will need to commit to the following items:

  • A substantive project that will have an impact on the organization
  • A well-defined deliverable (report, presentation, etc.) for the students to complete
  • Clear, concrete and achievable learning objectives/goals for the students
  • Most important, a project lead in the organization who will commit the time needed to orient the students in the beginning, conduct regular check-ins with the team and answer questions that arise throughout the project

Potential Project Topics

We are open to suggestions about what project would be most useful for the organization, but potential topics could include:

  • Strategizing about and implementing external messaging and marketing (social media, online newsletters, etc.)
  • Strategies for strengthening alumni or donor relationships
  • Refining the organization’s approach to management training or professional development
  • Compiling a database of existing online resources relevant to the organization
  • Performing curriculum research and development
  • Assessing opportunities to improve back-office infrastructure and possibly strengthen it with a programming project
  • Researching new sources of funding (development, foundations, grant writing)

If a potential project fulfills the requirements above, please complete the application at yu.edu/summer2020

If you would like to mentor YU students who are doing consulting projects or internships, please let me know at noam@yu.edu