YU Hosts Sold-Out Ishay Ribo Concert to Celebrate Sukkot, Israel and Its Students

Ishay Ribo Performing at YU Isru Chag Concert in Jerusalem

On Oct. 18, Yeshiva University hosted the YU Isru Chag Concert, starring Ishay Ribo, at the International Convention Center (Binyanei Hauma) in Jerusalem. More than 3,000 people attended the sold-out concert and were visibly moved by Ribo’s ability to distill the poetry and holiness of Judaism into song.

Many who attended were YU students studying in Israel along with some of the thousands of YU alumni who have made aliyah as well as other Israelis eager to enjoy the music and experience this unique cultural event.

Thousands enjoy a celebratory evening of joy, unity and song.

The sold-out concert solidified YU’s role as the flagship Jewish university, able to unite Jews from the United States and Israel in an evening of joy, unity and song and bring an exuberant and moving end to the holiday of Sukkot. YU has launched numerous educational, cultural and business initiatives in Israel, and the concert spotlighted the dynamic partnership between the University and Israel.

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