YU Introduces Master of Science in Cybersecurity

New Master’s Program Offers Career-Transforming Opportunities

David L. Schwed, director of MS in Cybersecurity

With a projected global shortage of nearly 3 million cybersecurity professionals, 500,000 of whom are needed in North America, the Katz School of Science and Health at Yeshiva University is helping to meet this demand by launching a new Master of Science in Cybersecurity, with the first cohort of students starting in Fall 2019.

Students will gain expertise in threat hunting, protection against network breaches, cloud security and managing ethical cyber teams, among other areas. They will also be able to participate in seminars on artificial intelligence in cybersecurity, blockchain and cryptography and have access to a one-of-a-kind virtual cybersecurity simulation lab and a cyber range to hone their skills.

The program has an exemplary faculty and an advisory board of senior cybersecurity executives, all with startup, corporate and military experience, and students will also be mentored by expert practitioners, learning from their personal stories.

The 30-credit program, full- or part-time on campus, is ideal for people with backgrounds in information technology, information security, computer science, engineering, science and business as well as early and mid-career professionals in areas like IT support and data analytics with relevant job experience. Ambitious students with other backgrounds are encouraged to apply and may enroll in the program after completing a technical bootcamp.

“We’re excited to provide an elite cybersecurity education that equips students with the tools and techniques needed to protect organizations from internal and external threats,” said Dr. Paul Russo, dean of the Katz School and vice provost at Yeshiva University.