YU Launches Cooperating Degree Program in Electrical Engineering with Tel Aviv University

New Partnership Program Expands YU’s Global Impact and Commitment to Israeli Institutions

Yeshiva University recently announced that it has extended its global connections by formalizing a partnership with Tel Aviv University (TAU) that would allow YU students intent on moving to Israel to complete their bachelor’s degree at TAU’s world renowned School of Electrical Engineering.

“Our unique program will allow students to begin their undergraduate studies in a warm, Torah environment and help them make an easy transition to Israel to complete their degree. The program will also provide students with invaluable connections in the field of engineering,” said Dr. Edward Berliner, director of science management and a clinical professor of physics at Yeshiva University.

To earn a degree from Tel Aviv University, students must fulfill TAU prerequisites at Yeshiva University for at least two years before progressing to TAU’s Electrical Engineering program.  In order to make the program accessible to all, the classes at TAU will be conducted in English. Students enrolled in the program will not only benefit from studying with TAU’s world-class teaching staff but will also have full access to the robust network of YU alumni across the globe, including those in academia and the business world.

“This partnership reflects YU’s commitment to serving as a portal to the wider world,” said YU President Dr. Ari Berman. “We are a globally focused institution with much to teach to, and much to learn from, the broader world of humanity. Partnering with a renowned institution in one of the world’s premier start-up nations is a step in the right direction for the YU of tomorrow. In addition, this reflects our commitment to collaboration with Israeli institutions and the centrality of the State of Israel to YU’s values.”

In order to give students a leg up, program organizers have developed a curriculum that provides invaluable real-world experience that matches each student with either an Israeli company or an Israeli academic institution for a two-semester project, allowing students to network with professionals and forge connections that will prove critically important for securing future employment.

“Tel Aviv University constantly strives to expand its international research ties by establishing joint degree programs with leading institutions. This new engineering program with Yeshiva University will further expand our reach and set new standards for joint degree programming,” said Professor Raanan Rein, vice president of Tel Aviv University.