YU Post-Doc Wins Scholar-in-Training Award

Dr. Anya Alayev Recognized by the American Association of Cancer Research; Will Present Research at Upcoming Conference

Anya Alayev 2
Dr. Anya Alayev

The American Association of Cancer Research (AACR) has selected Dr. Anya Alayev to receive the AACR-Aflac Incorporated Scholar-in-Training Award. The award will support her attendance and presentation of a poster of her work at the “Targeting the PI3K-mTOR Network in Cancer” conference in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania this coming September.

Five presenters of meritorious abstracts were selected by the conference co-chairpersons to receive awards to attend the conference. All graduate and medical students, postdoctoral fellows and physicians-in-training who are AACR members were eligible for consideration.

“I’m working on understanding the contribution of the mTOR signaling pathway to breast cancer and other diseases with aberrations in mTOR signaling with the goal of developing new treatment strategies,” said Alayev, who has been a post-doctoral fellow in Dr. Marina Holz’s lab at Stern College for Women since 2011. “The conference I am attending will feature lectures by leading experts in the field and poster presentations of the cutting edge research aimed at understanding the molecular mechanisms of mTOR hyperactivation in breast cancer, as well as novel therapeutic strategies that will improve patient care.”

Alayev, who is originally from Moldova, graduated from Stern College as a biology major in 2003 and received a PhD from YU’s Albert Einstein College of Medicine in the field of Developmental and Molecular Biology in 2010. She was also awarded a National Cancer Center post-doctoral fellowship grant for 2012-14.

“Anya is a talented scientist,” said Dr. Holz, associate professor and the Doris and Ira Kukin Chair in Biology at Stern College. “I am incredibly proud of her work and I am confident she will continue to make significant research contributions. Anya is a good colleague and a great mentor to the undergraduate students that train in the lab, who view her as a role model.”