YU Press and Koren Co-Publish New Volume on Biblical Geography by Top Israeli Bible Scholar

For the past two hundred years, adventurers, scholars and other curious travelers have made their way to the land of Israel to see and experience the places written about in the Bible. Many have tried to locate landmarks mentioned in the Bible but were not always successful. Yet the encounter with the biblical texts in the places where the events actually took place has always inspired the hearts of those who read and study Tanakh and offers exciting new possibilities for appreciating and understanding the biblical text.

In a new unique work, recently released by YU Press and Maggid/Koren Books, Places in the Parasha, Prof. Yoel Elitzur analyzes archaeological and linguistic findings, peruses historical sources and explores the derivation and meaning of names in an attempt to offer geographic identifications and linguistic solutions to the riddles of the Tanakh.

Prof. Elitzur is a researcher of the Hebrew language and biblical and historical geography, a member of the Academy of the Hebrew Language, and its representative on the National Naming Committee of the Israeli government. He headed the Land of Israel Studies Department at Herzog College and the Land of Israel Studies cluster at the Jerusalem College and taught at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Accompanied by a foreword by Rabbi Hayyim Angel, instructor of Bible at Yeshiva University, and abundant maps and pictures, this eye-opening work of sleuthing and discovery brings the Bible richly to life.

“We are proud, once again, to partner with Koren Publishers in bringing the work of a top Israeli scholar to the English-speaking public” said Dr. Stu Halpern, senior adviser to the Provost. “Following the success of the publication last year of Dr. Jonathan Grossman’s Creation: The Story of Beginnings, and looking ahead to future collaborative volumes, we are excited to be strengthening our relationship with Koren. Bringing the Torah of the land of Israel and the teachings of its top scholars to our students and community members is a valuable part of our mission.”

Places in the Parasha is part of the Maggid Tanakh Companion series. This series uses an interdisciplinary approach that incorporates traditional rabbinic interpretations with scholarly literary techniques to explore specific characters, themes or sections of Tanakh.

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