YU Receives Achievement of Excellence in Procurement Award

Yeshiva University’s Procurement Services Department Saves 10-12 Million Dollars Annually

Yeshiva University has been awarded the prestigious 16th Annual Achievement of Excellence in Procurement Award (AEP) for 2011 from the National Purchasing Institute (NPI).  YU is the only New York City college or university to receive this year’s award, which recognizes organizational excellence in procurement by measuring innovation, professionalism, e-procurement, productivity, and leadership attributes of the procurement function.

Jack Zencheck, YU's chief procurement officer

YU’s Procurement Services Department has been saving the University some $10 million to $12 million on average per year through good procurement practices, contractual agreements and competitive bidding, according to Jack Zencheck, YU’s chief procurement officer.

“We’re proud to receive such a distinguished award for doing what is essentially our job,” said Zencheck. “We want to ensure that the University runs both effectively and efficiently, and that means continually seeking ways to implement systems and protocols to save money while maintaining the highest quality educational experience. So it is truly an honor to be cited with an award that recognizes our efforts.”

Zenchek cited agreements with such companies as Staples and Fisher Scientific, which he called “the best in the country,” as well as contracts for computers, scientific equipment such as MRIs and electron microscopes and numerous others as examples of competitively bid and continually negotiated deals of which he is especially proud.

AEP awardees obtain a high score on a rating of standardized criteria. For 2011, there were 177 successful applicants, including 41 counties, 57 cities, 20 higher education agencies, 17 school districts, 26 special districts and 16 state agencies.

“We are very mindful of the investment that parents and students make in being part of the Yeshiva University community,” said President Richard M. Joel, “and therefore every dollar expended constitutes a precious resource. We couldn’t be more proud of the men and women at Yeshiva University devoted to making sure, and to ensure, that not only is every dollar well spent, but who look for ways to maximize those expenditures. My pride in my inspired colleagues is deep and profound.”

In addition to NPI, the awards are sponsored by the California Association of Public Procurement Officers, Florida Association of Public Procurement Officers, Institute for Supply Management, National Institute of Governmental Purchasing, National Association of State Procurement Officials, National Association of Educational Procurement and Texas Public Purchasing Association.

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