YU Students Enjoy an Action-Packed Adar and Purim

Bringing to life the quote from our Sages, “When Adar Enters, joy and happiness enter with it,” our YU students celebrated with parties, singing, dancing, and Torah learning.

Festivities began on the Beren campus weeks ago, as more than 200 Stern women packed the Koch Auditorium for a Rosh Chodesh Adar chagigah. With a glow-in-the-dark theme, the women dressed in white and neon clothing and the room glowed with decorations. A DJ and delicious food rounded out the fun.

On Purim night over 80 women heard the Megillah followed by a festive Seuda with a royal theme—think purple and gold décor—and hamantaschen baking. The women came decked out in creative costumes, from air traffic controllers to Care Bare and even the Statue of Liberty.

On Purim day, the morning Megillah reading was followed by a learning program with the campus couples, followed by a festive Seuda.

On Purim night, the Wilf campus hosted a series of Megillah readings across the campus. After the reading, many of the students headed to the homes of local rabbeim in Washington Heights for a light break-fast, dancing and joyous singing that could be heard down the block. Afterward, some 300 costumed young men, with creative costumes that included a YU security guard, a snowman, and a few Marvel superheroes and Chassidim, headed to the Gym for a chagigah. There they, along with over a dozen Roshei Yeshiva, danced and sang for hours to a live student band. Then came the always-anticipated Purim Shpiel (play). “The whole community, men from every program, undergraduates, semicha students, and alumni, came together,” said Stephanie Sugarman, Assistant Director of Student Life. “Everyone had a great time, and the night flew by.”

On Purim day, after the Meghillah reading, dozens of YU men came together with rabbaim for a joyous Purim Seuda.