In 2009 Dr. Steven Fine, Revel Professor of Ancient Jewish History, was invited to write a series of articles related to his expertise in the history of Judaism in the Greco-Roman world for The Encyclopedia of Ancient History (2012).  Professor Fine made these articles the focal point of his undergraduate and graduate seminars that year.  A group of talented students at Revel (some majoring in Talmud, the others in Jewish History) and in the YU undergraduate Jewish studies programs studying with Professor Fine were assigned to compose articles for EAH, which he co-authored with them.  The encyclopedia has just been released by the press. We congratulate Professor Fine’s students (who have since graduated) on their first articles.

Wiley-Blackwell’s Encyclopedia of Ancient History is the only comprehensive collection of twenty-first century scholarship available on the entire ancient Mediterranean world. The board of this resource, experienced and internationally diverse editors, has collected over 5,000 original entries spanning the late Bronze Age through the seventh century CE. Entries extend to all Mediterranean civilizations, including the Near East and Egypt, and represent an unprecedented level of coverage of the ancient world.


See links below for the full articles:

Johanan ben Zakkai, Rabbi

Raphael Blumenthal


Simone Geller (Revel) and Steven Fine

Hillel, Rabbi

Seth M. Rapps (YC) and Steven Fine

Synagogues, Jewish

Jackie Rosenswieg (Revel) and Steven Fine

 Mishnah and Tosefta

Noah Greenfield (YC, Revel, now UC Berkeley) and Steven Fine

Shammai, Rabbi

Sasha Semach (YC, Revel) and Steven Fine

Dura-Europos, synagogue in

Matthew Williams (YC, now Stanford) and Steven Fine

Revolts, Jewish

David Danzig (YC, Revel, now Yale) and Steven Fine

Talmud, Palestinian and Babylonian

David Danzig (YC, Revel, now Yale) and Steven Fine


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