Jewish Question matt goldishProfessor Perelis is opening up this Tuesday evening’s class to interested individuals for a special guest workshop.

The Sephardic Diaspora: A Responsa Workshop with Prof. Matt Goldish (Ohio State University)

November 12, 2013, 7:00pm

Bernard Revel Graduate School

Yeshiva University, Wilf Campus

Furst Hall Room 307

Prof. Goldish will guide our analysis of two Rabbinic responsum (Teshuvot) from the post-Expulsion Sephardic world dealing with the re-integration of former Conversos into normative Jewish communities. These texts offer the historian a unique opportunity to explore the complexities of religious identity and communal life. Prof. Goldish is a renowned expert on Sephardic Rabbinic culture in the early modern period and is a dynamic and engaging teacher.

Please RSVP and address any questions to Prof. Ronnie Perelis at


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