Aliza_StorchanAliza Storchan
University of Michigan
West Bloomfield, MI
MA Biblical Studies

I went to the University of Michigan for my undergraduate degree where I studied psychology and Judaic studies. I quickly learned that the Judaic studies curriculum at the University of Michigan was vastly different than anything I had ever been exposed to before- coming from a traditional day-school background, the academic approach of my Judaic studies classes was entirely new for me.  Never before had I studied Jewish history so closely, thought about trends in the Jewish community to thoroughly, or looked at Jewish texts so critically. I was at once intrigued and compelled by the new perspectives and ideas that I was learning, and so the decision to continue my studies at Revel was an obvious one.  Since being here, I have fallen in love with the Revel community.  The faculty and students have challenged me by asking difficult questions but have also supported me as I deepen my own thinking, understanding, and analysis.  As a result, I have grown in ways I never thought imaginable.


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