SMALL-Matthew Pitts - Pic for RevelMatthew Pitts
Brigham Young University, Cardozo Law School, Claremont Graduate University
Salt Lake City, UT
MA Modern Jewish History

I have always been fascinated with the study of religion, and with Judaism specifically. At BYU I studied the Middle East extensively, with a specific emphasis on Israel, and the Israeli/Palestinian/Arab conflict. This interest motivated my decision to choose Cardozo once I decided to attend law school. Once at Cardozo I looked into graduate opportunities at Yeshiva because I remained interested in Historical academic studies, as well as legal.My weekly excursion uptown to Revel was the academic highlight of my week. I enjoyed law school, but I relished the opportunity to engage in the historical / humanities approach at Revel. By the end of my time and upon completion of both degrees, there was a substantial part of me that felt that my Revel MA was my primary degree, and the JD was my concurrent project.

Dr. Perelis’s Latin American emphasis was fascinating to me, considering my two years spent living in Venezuela and one year in Puerto Rico. He was also very pleasant to work with. Dr. Gurock was also great to work with. I felt privileged to work with such an authority in the field.

I am very grateful to Dean Berger. My concurrent studies at Revel, while completing my law degree, would never have been possible without him. He saw the importance to me of what I was attempting and he helped make it happen.


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