The Bernard Revel Graduate School of Jewish Studies invites you to a lecture –


Nahmanides’ Revisions in His Torah Commentary
Regarding Hebron, RAchel’s Tomb and the Shekel Coin

by Dr. Yosef Ofer

Nahmanides (1196–1270) wrote his Torah commentary
while still in Spain, but updated it when he came to
the Land of Israel at the end of his life, producing
“Addenda” that were incorporated into later copies
of his commentary. Comparison of medieval
manuscripts of Nahmanides’ commentary enables
us to detect these Addenda, and discern the changes
in his interpretations.This lecture will focus on three
important Addenda that incorporate geographic data
and archaeological discoveries Nahmanides learned
of in Israel, and how he modified his commentaries
on the related biblical passages accordingly.

Dr. Yosef Ofer is Associate Professor in the Bar-Ilan
Bible Department and a member of Israel’s Academy
of the Hebrew Language. His fields of research
are the Masora, medieval Bible exegesis, and the
development of modern Hebrew. His published books
include Nahmanides’ Torah Commentary: Addenda
Written in the Land of Israel (Hebrew, co-authored
with Jonathan Jacobs, Jerusalem 2013) and The
Babylonian Masora of the Pentateuch, its Principles
and Methods (Hebrew, Jerusalem 2001).


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