July 1st marks the start of the Einstein campus’ participation in the ConEdison and NYISO demand response programs. These programs help keep the electric grid stable during peak summer periods and grid emergencies that could happen anytime of the year.

When: Every Summer (starting July 1 2010).

Where: All Einstein Buildings, primarily Forch/Golding, Mazer, Price, Ullmann, Price, and the Central Plant.

Why: To prevent NYC grid blackouts.

How will I be affected?
You will receive an e-mail notification(s) 22 hours and a reminder 2 hours before the actual curtailment events. We encourage you to voluntarily reduce your electric consumption by turning off computer monitors, lights, window a/c units, etc. Electric power will be momentarily interrupted on circuits supplied by emergency generators in Golding, Forchheimer, Ullmann and Price. Noticeable interruptions will include orange/red wall outlets and some passenger and freight elevators. We will endeavor to restore elevator service as soon as possible.

What is a “curtailment event”?
Usually it occurs during several very hot days in July or August when the power grid is stressed. A typical event starts between noon and 1PM and will last for 4 to 6 hours. At the beginning of the event electric load is transferred to onsite “emergency” generators and occupants are encouraged to reduce their power consumption were possible by turning off computer monitors, lights, window a/c units, elevators, etc.

To learn more visit Con Edison’s Participant Guide.


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