The summer might almost be over but the weather is still warm and it is still important to use energy wisely. Take a look at these few suggestions on how to help minimize wasteful energy usage:

1. Shades or blinds should be used, where available, to block direct sunlight thereby reducing solar heat gain.
2. Air conditioning use should be minimized, and if windows must be opened for fresh air please close them when you leave. Avoid using air conditioning when windows are open.
3. Setback cooling thermostats to 75°F or higher during occupied periods and 83°F or higher during unoccupied periods.
4. Electrical devices should be turned OFF when you are away from your work area for more than 5 minutes. (i.e. lights, fans, monitors, and other devices.) Computers should be turned OFF at the end of the work period.
5. Stairs should be used instead of the elevator (i.e. when traveling less than 3 floors up or 5 floors down), if you are physically able to do so.
6. Report leaks, waste, dripping faucets, broken thermostats, or other equipment problems.

Beren or Wilf Campus: Call Facilities at 212-960-5206. For off-hour emergencies contact Security at 212-960-5200.

Cardozo/ Brookdale Center: Call Security at 212-790-0303.

Einstein Campus: Call Facilities at 3000. For off-hour emergencies contact Security at 4111.

Make sure to identify the room number, building, and campus.


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