On November 15, Yeshiva University celebrated America Recycles Day for the first time by recycling used cell phones. Students were asked to give in their old cell phones and batteries, and were provided with Recycle Day t-shirts and entered into a raffle to win an iPod Touch. The t-shirts were sponsored by Keep America Beautiful Inc., who organized thousands of events nation-wide, focusing on helping the environment. Over 75 students of YU and Stern took advantage of this altruistic opportunity, and almost one hundred cell phones were collected.

This project was run by one of Yeshiva University’s Eco Representatives, Yosef Hoffman, a sophomore in YC. This is the first year in which YU has headed an Eco Rep Program, a paid environmental leadership program for Yeshiva Undergraduates, which focuses on raising awareness of environmental issues and impacting student behavior. The Eco Reps have been educated in relevant environmental issues, ranging from climate change and energy, to waste management and consumption. They have also been trained in how best to implement eco-friendly changes into university life.

The winner of the iPod Touch was Tzvi Hametz, who recycled a whopping five cell phones! The record for the most cell phones brought in, however, goes to Moshe Dulitz, who contributed six old phones to the cause. Unfortunately for Mr. Dulitz, the winner was chosen completely at random. But Dulitz did not let this get him down, and was quoted as saying, “It’s not whether you win or lose, it’s about recycling every day.” The eco reps thank everyone who contributed to the cause, and are looking forward to future events.


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