Recyclemania the annual recycling competition for colleges and universities to promote waste reduction activities, is right around the corner!

From February 6th to April 2nd, we have a big task ahead of us and we need your help!  Last year, Yeshiva University and Albert Einstein College of Medicine came in 35th out of 223 universities in bottle and can recycling and 138th in all divisions out of 346 schools. This year we hope to do even better.

You can help in our efforts by separating your TRASH, PAPER & CARDBOARD, and GLASS, PLASTIC & METAL items into their designated bins.

Don’t have a recycling bin at your desk? Then consider setting up a box for your recyclables to bring over to the recycling bin located on your floor once a week.

You can track our progress every week as recycled material is weighed and posted on our website, We hope you will join us in making our university and community a more environmentally friendly place!

Though not counted as part of this contest, Yeshiva also recycles things such as printer cartridges, batteries, CFLs and plastic pens, take this time to look at our other recycling initiatives that you can take part in all year long.


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