As the first year of the Eco Rep Pilot Program comes to a close, The Office of Energy & Sustainability (OES) is happy to announce the program’s continuation. The project first began in Fall 2010 with the help of a grant given by Hazon and matching funding from OES, allowing the office to reach out to more students than ever before. This also gave the annual dorm energy and recycling competitions an extra boost. Whether through teaching students directly or the programs and actual events the Eco Reps organized themselves, the Office of Energy & Sustainability was able to better educate the student community on energy and environmental issues.

Although we started small with only 4 students in the Eco Rep program, their positive  impact on the Yeshiva community was felt in many ways.  For example the bio-fuel powered Topsy Turvy Bus visited the Wilf campus on a national tour.  With it came  six environmentalists who discussed environmental issues for Earth Week., Eco Reps conducted a Water-wareness Day, a day of water taste testing and viewing of the movie Tapped on the Beren Campus.  Other events included a Hike with Rabbi Weider, Cell phone Recycle Day and a Bike Share Program proposal.

Due to the interest and success of the program, Yeshiva is planning to double the amount of Eco Reps it will be recruiting in the fall.  We look forward to another action packed year of sustainability education and outreach with the student body.


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