According to the EPA, the energy used by a building to support just one office worker for a day causes over two times more greenhouse gas emissions than that person’s drive to and from work.

Before you leave for a vacation or even a long weekend, take two minutes to help Yeshiva meet our Greenhouse Gas Reduction Goal by taking the following actions:

  • Turn down the air conditioning – a 5 degree setback can save you 5% on your energy bill.
  • Pull the plug – in the kitchen and the office. “Phantom Loads” in the office add up and can account for 8% of office energy use.

–  Computer/Monitor/Printer/Fax and Copy Machine
–  Coffee Makers, Tea Kettles, Microwaves and Appliances
–  Unplug the power strips

  • Turn off what you can’t unplug.
  • Turn off task lighting.
  • Close/Shut All windows and blinds.
  • Last one out the door shuts off the main lights.
  • Let your facilities team know if you see any leaky faucets/toilets or if you have any trouble with windows, thermostats, or lights during your shutdown. Did you know, A small 1/8” hot water leak can waste 339,600 gallons of water annually costing $6500!

Wilf/ Beren Campuses: Call Facilities at 212-960-5206, M –Th: 9AM to 5PM; F: 9AM to 2PM. For off-hour emergencies contact Security at 212-960-5200.
Einstein Campus:
Call Facilities at 3000. For off-hour emergencies contact Security at 4111.Cardozo/ Brookdale Center: Call Security at 212-790-0303.


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